Stan and Joe were both working in the bartending biz for many years and served many customers separately along the way. The gained experience with every new beer ordered, every basket of fries served and every chat they participated in with ever-changing clients. They learned what it took to make a customer happy.

But the day came, once upon a time as the fairytales go, when Stan and Joe came together and decided to open their own saloon with every bit of their experience poured into it. So they opened Stan and Joe’s the restaurant slash bar slash customer pleaser.

The press once wrote about their endeavor and pinned the title “just right” next to their restaurant in the city newspaper for all to see. But many of the customers that discovered the place before that day already knew what they’ve found and were even more convinced that the reporters who tried out Stan and Joe’s that one time.

The saloon offered a friendly place for anyone looking for a cold beverage or a hot meal. It struck everybody from the minute they walked in the door. Stan and Joe’s was clean, had a nice décor, beautiful furniture, organized layout and especially a lot smiling people at the tables and bar. The owners – a couple of nice gentlemen themselves – instructed every assistant on how to treat each and every customer right, with excellent service and a smile on their face. All the clients followed the happy face example after that.

The menu offered an incredibly wide range of choices, from the always present fries and chicken wings to sushi, quesadilla and even alligator. Burgers and sandwiches were served quickly for those in a hurry, but with a variety of ingredients and sauces to add or replace. The appetizers offered guests a first bite into the great tasting food at Stan and Joe’s that extended to the main courses and the deserts as well.

With the numerous meals available to customers, none would stray away from the restaurant considering the quality and quantity offered for prices that were affordable for any pocket. Stan and Joe’s was known in the area for its delightful meals and inexpensive prices, served by people who were driven by the joy of owning or working in a restaurant.

People could not get enough of Stan and Joe and their food, but they kept on providing better service every time. The saloon offered discounted meals, happy-time offers, free snacks at the bar and nightly entertainment with music, karaoke and fun. Stan and Joe’s had become exactly what the owners have hoped for.