At Stan and Joe’s many customers got used to great service in the form of a trustworthy restaurant. Many who tried Stan and Joe’s kept coming back for more of the restaurant’s good food at more than affordable prices. Word of mouth spread and Stan and Joe’s became the primary option for many seeking an inexpensive alternative to bigger restaurant that offered the same conditions at a much higher cost.

Stan and Joe’s offered a varied menu to satisfy any taste and make it the first destination for a quick meal or a nice night on the town, including fancier dishes and proper entertainment. Service was quick at any hour and the menu could be customized by taste or include extras for less money.

Customers looking for something a little more on the faster side could change from a range of hamburgers and sandwiches that were prepared quickly. Any burger would cost 10 dollars and contain the usual meat, cheese, vegetable, sauces and spices. Each customer could make his pick from a wide variety of possibilities, all of equal quality with fresh ingredients. Sandwiches very even more varied, starting from the simple cheese sandwich and ending with the Teriyaki Ahi Tuna, the Crab Melt or the Fried Oyster Po Boy. Prices were between 9 and 14 dollars.

Starters at Stan and Joe’s were equally diverse. Since everybody loves fries, the restaurant offered a Basket O’Fries for as low as $5 with seasoning included. For $2 more customers could have chili and cheese on their fries, too. Buffalo wings were a usual, chicken tenders second and the mozzarella sticks were always available. The Quesadilla and Nachos were only $10 and the friend and whiskey shrimp only $12. Every starter could include more sauces, spices or add-ons for under 5 dollars.

The salads were healthy and made with fresh ingredients. The House Salad was only $6, the spinach and Caesar salad $7 and the Cobb was $10. The soups were homemade and tasted just like mother used to make it. Customers could choose between a vegetable soup, a Jumbo Lump Crab or a hot chili soup.

Breakfast and brunch had their specific hours and were many variants to choose from, all for less than 15$. Customers could opt to order something separate that was not in the breakfast menus. And for the entrĂ©es, Stan and Joe’s cooked up anything: sushi, barbecued salmon, steaks, fish and chips, oysters and chicken in all shapes, sizes and pots.